Today, imaging technologies bring to architects and designers the opportunity to extend their architectural and design vision with this new virtual material offered by the image.

movingdesign Architecture is the branch of the studio dedicated to architects and designers to assist them in setting the spaces in motion: hotel, restaurant, bar, lobby, headquarter, department store, museum, hospital, airport, train station, theatre etc

The artwork we imagine with you is diffused in your interior through a loop without a narration principle. The eye goes in and out of focus at any time without tainting your work.

The wide range of AV system solutions that we have developed with our partners can offer answers to your most innovative and original projects without breaking your architectural vision.
Wall mirror that gives the feeling that the image is floating in the space, wall screens without a frame, percussion of images in spaces, interactivity, video projection, LED wall, hologram…

We can manage all this innovative and technical solutions thanks to our branch of engineering experts that will make those technologies invisible for the best integration possible in your interiors.